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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Health - Food Contamination

The FDA has issued a recall of Lakeside beans for botulin toxin contamination. Pertinent information:
Lakeside Foods Inc., of Wisconsin, recalled 14.5-ounce cans of French Style green beans, which are marketed under such store names as Albertson's, IGA, Shop 'n Save, and Shoppers Value.


Cases of botulism -- the symptoms of which are slurred speech, blurred vision, and muscle weakness -- can result in death, though they are rare and mostly limited to people eating home-canned food.


Consumers should be wary of cans with leaking fluid; such leaks can hint at organisms growing inside. The affected products have one of these label numbers at the top line of the can's code: EAA5247, EAA5257, EAA5267, EAA5277, EAB5247, EAB5257, ECA5207, ECA5217, ECA5227, ECA5297, ECB5207, ECB5217, ECB5227 or ECB5307. The Food and Drug Administration advised consumers to dispose of these products -- even if product codes needed for confirmation are missing.
Good grief.

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