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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Politics - Bite Me, Pajama Pete!

Nice try, you befuddled senile lout! The Associated Press reports that Senator Pete (R-Alzheimer's) has "turned against" the war in Iraq. I might believe he gave a fuck about dead Iraqis and Americans if he weren't up to his eyeballs in the AttorneyGate scandal. Let's not forget David Iglesias, a fine man who has served his country both in the military and in the courts. Let's not forget that Domenici pressured Karl of the pasty fingers to take that good public servant out. Now he turns against the war? Now that we've spent (and lost) uncounted billions of taxpayer dollars, thrown our loved ones into the meatgrinder repeatedly, killed nearly a million innocent civilians, bombed young children and the elderly, ruined the nation's reputation along with its infrastructure, failed to save poor people in Louisiana and Kansas because the National Guard were being turned to mincemeat in an illegal, immoral war of occupation?

Pete, take your medication, you're blathering. Shut the fuck up and resign early and slink off into well-deserved obloquy, why don't you. Jesus Christ, these people make me so fucking mad. It's a good thing I have naturally low blood pressure, or I'd be blowing a gasket/popping a fucking artery.

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