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Monday, June 25, 2007

Environment - Goodbye Cruel World

I keep expecting a spaceship to show up with some jackbooted thug type aliens emanating from it, handing us an eviction notice, and telling us we violated the terms of our lease. Yet another lake in China is now tainted with toxic algal bloom:
A massive algae bloom has spread out over another of China's big lakes, despite hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on years of clean up efforts.

"In recent days, due to the hot and humid weather, a large amount of algae has bloomed in Dianchi Lake, turning the water as green as paint in a stretch along the shore near Kunming city," the Oriental Daily reported Monday.

"Wave after wave of rolling green lake water laps up on the shore giving off an awful stench."
Well, fuck. I think it's downright cruel to reproduce in this kind of environment. You're condemning your descendants to a life of starvation, water wars, resource wars in general, and unending death and strife. Someone get me off the fucking planet!


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