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Saturday, July 28, 2007

War - The Victims We Don't Have To See

Image from Dear Kitty

So sad, this story. This young man - a Reservist - who answered when duty called him, at the age of 20 is now, at the age of 24, blind, paralysed from the neck down, and unable to communicate. His parents have gone through all their money, taking care of him. His father has returned to the workforce, after retiring from the army. Joseph Briseno, Jr., might easily live another thirty, maybe even fifty years. Blind, paralyzed, and helpless.

The next time some warmongering idiot shrieks in your general vicinity, take your printout of this, and the other 18,000 sad stories of the crippled, wounded, dead and maimed, and stuff them down his fucking gob.

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