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Monday, May 28, 2007

Politics - Why Democrats Capitulated

The Rude Pundit, who I really like but who might be a little rude for your tastes, has a very interesting theory on why the Democrats bent over yet again for Bush:

That's right. Apparently the Lieberwhore threatened to switch parties (why would he need to? He's already giving republicans cover for every fuckup and every immoral or criminal act they've commited over the past six years!).

There's an ugly stinking mess of a story hidden behind this one. It sounds as if the Democratic Party, while half-heartedly supporting Ned Lamont, the candidate who won the primary, was secretly negotiating with this sanctimonious cobag Holy Joe, Bush's favorite lapdog. They refused to strip him of his committee assignments, so now he gets to play footsie with the republicans while screwing over the Dems time and time again. Just look at how much his committee has managed to do with Congressional oversight, and compare it to House Rep. Henry Waxman, who's producing an endless stream of results.

I almost want to gloat that they deserve what they got, except that what they got is a bill giving Boy George everything he wanted, including the certain death and dismemberment of who knows how many hundreds of men and women, Iraqi and American alike.


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