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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Politics - What An Expression!

I could kill ya, ya li'l worm

I'm tellin' ya, Abu knows where some really special bodies are buried. He must, or he'd be long gone by now. The expression on Stupie McPoopy's face tells me he ain't happy, but he's taking heat for keeping Abu G. on, and Abu G. is the firewall for that other despicable little rat, Karlie.

This from The Raw Story:
Weeks after the White House ruled out the involvement of President George W. Bush in any discussions on the firing of 8 US Attorneys, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Thursday morning that the President had discussed the matter with advisers in an October 2006 meeting.

Gonzales' statement varied from remarks by White House spokespersons that the President had not been involved in any discussions of firing US Attorneys.
You know, back in MY universe, when one statement "varies from" another, we call that "lying," as in "It appears that either Mr. Gonzales or the White House spokespeople are lying, despicable little weasels."

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