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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday is Memorial Maxx Day

and yesterday, his dearest friend and companion, 4LG posted a beautiful tribute to him. And a photograph of the famous France Nguyen eyes.

Lion Kitty Maxx made many people very happy during his short stardom on the InnerTubes. He had many, many fans. These days, his understudies La Princesse Madeleine and Ripley Chainsaw Bonnes-Jambes are scrambling to fill his oversized pawshoes. Madeleine is a love, but with a fondness for head-jumping, and Ripley is a very naughty and stunningly cute little thing with a penchant for biting The Hand That Feeds (and pets) her.

Check 'em out. It might be Too Much Cuteness To Be Borne, given that 4LG is a very talented photographer.

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