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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Politics - Welcome To My World, Lott

Laughing Buddy from WillPower Inc.

How the shoe pinches when it's on the other foot!
By Brian Faler

May 21 (Bloomberg) -- ``Are you kidding me?'' says Senator Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, when asked why he's so critical of insurance companies.

Lott, 65, launches into a critique of the industry, peppering it with words such as ``arrogant'' and ``mean- spirited,'' statistics about company profits and executive pay and angry questions about why its lobbyists are fighting a clutch of bills he is pushing -- including one that would strip companies such as State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. and Allstate Corp. of their 62-year-old exemption from federal antitrust laws.
Give 'em hell, Trent. Do it for me, you obnoxious old panderer, if not for yourself and all the others who lost so much in the Katrina hurricane season.

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