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Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Deryk Schlessinger

Credit: Emma Tocci/Collegian

Okay, I did say I wasn't going to post any more about this little wretch, but I found a link to this story on Republic of T. I think T's analysis of this whole kerfuffle is quite interesting, given "Doctor" Laura's shrill anti-gay stance.

From The Collegian:
Former student Deryk Schlessinger will try to make that experience a bit more personal by opening Hillsdale's first hookah bar. The bar is scheduled to open soon after Spring Break in downtown Hillsdale near the old Democratic Party offices.

"We're trying to bring the Middle Eastern culture to Hillsdale," Schlessinger said, from an easy chair beside a 5-foot gold-plated hookah in his Park Place apartment. "Even though that sounds like a big task, we think we can do it through hookahs, a couple tapestries and a fountain."
There's something very, very bizarre about these statements, given the stuff posted on his MySpace Page - stick figures depicting rape, torture, child molestation, and a bound and blindfolded prisoner, captioned "My Sweet Little Habib." (Habibi means "darling," or "beloved," it's an Arab term of endearment used just as much between persons of the same gender as the opposite gender.)

Incidentally, I linked the Photo Credits to the article, so if you want to see it in all its glory, simply click the photog's name.

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