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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Politics - Gonezales*

The stinkeye. Let me give you it.

Is it just me, or is Preznitwit Pissypants giving Alberto meaner and meaner glances as the days go by? With his limited attention span, his notoriously slacker work ethic, and his dislike of details, Bush is not the kind of guy to relish ongoing confrontation. He is easily bored, and tends to walk away from disasters. The sort of "Why should I bother my beautiful mind" attitude as voiced by his Mumsy.

At any rate, it looks as if the Abu G. show is winding down. Or as Dick "The Dick" Cheney might say, it's "in its last throes, if you will." Well, that is noted flipflopper and tough-talk no boom-boom Arlen Specter talking there. Me, I don't think Gonzales will quit. He has no shame and does what Bush tells him to without regard for self-respect, ethics, morals, country, or anything else. Bush might throw him under the bus, though.

And Abu, just in case you thought you were safe because you know where ALL the bodies are buried? Don't forget that Prince Petulant's daddy was head of the CIA once. He knows how to get bodies buried. Like bodies of potential blabbermouths and blackmailers. Just a hint.

* - Abu's improved surname courtesy of Maru the Crankpot

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