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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Iraq War - Support The Troops Part CLLV

Oy. Why did we send a mentally ill young person to Iraq? How many more are we sending? Has the situation improved yet? As recently as May of last year, it had not. Is this how we "support the troops"?

Incidentally, as others, including myself, have blogged before, military benefits are pretty fucking crappy. Bush wants to veto a Democratic proposed pay raise for the troops. He is also opposed to increased survivor benefits for families who lose their relative in his war. Just what is wrong with the guy? He successfully dodged the draft, spent his National Guard service powdering his nose, and was never wounded by anything sharper than a tongue. Has he no compassion at all for the soldiers he is throwing into the meatgrinder?

Oh, wait. I forgot we were talking about Bush.

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