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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Iraq War - Supporting The Troops

From DailyKos diarist Mike Hickerson comes a post alleging that the U.S. (and also the U.K.) military is using the troops as guinea pigs for large-scale drug testing. I followed some of the links the writer posted. How's this for supporting the troops?
In addition, the syndrome appears to be contagious. Many veterans, their spouses, and scientists believe it can be passed through sex or sweat, or through the air. Apparently, veterans' wives and their unborn babies are being damaged as well. According to Michigan Senator Donald Riegel, Jr., of the 600 vets his office surveyed, 77 percent say their spouses have the symptoms, 65 percent say their postwar babies are damaged, and 25 percent report that their children born before the war have new debilitating illnesses as well. According to one medical researcher, "This is an epidemic. This is absolutely comparable to AIDS."(108)

Many Gulf War couples also report that they are no longer able to make love. Intercourse causes the women to experience immediate abdominal cramping and intense burning sensations, as though their genitals were being torched. For many, their labias crack and bleed. Also, the semen burns both husband and wife within minutes of contact with skin. It causes open sores -- blisters that bleed.(109)

Many Gulf War families are being advised against pregnancy. Babies are being born with extra toes and fingers, undeveloped lungs, and missing body parts. One child was born with an oversized umbilical cord that wrapped around his body six times, nearly strangling him. This child appears to be developmentally delayed and exhibits other debilitating symptoms similar to his father's. Another child was born without a thyroid gland. She also has dozens of tumors all over her body and inside her mouth. Still another child has intermittent vaginal bleeding.(110)
Holy Quacking DUCKSHIT!! What are they using on these people???

Anybody out there see Jacob's Ladder? Interesting movie. Same topic:

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