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Monday, April 09, 2007

Apparently, Some Kinds of Suffering Are More Important

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

The Pope decries the suffering of the world:
"How much suffering there is in the world!" Pope Benedict XVI lamented in his Easter sermon yesterday, naming Darfur, Iraq, Somalia, the Congo, Lebanon and other trouble spots around the globe.

But not, apparently, the suffering of women sexually abused by priests.
Confronted by their testimony, the church authorities first transferred the priest to another parish, and then out of the diocese. But he remains a priest, and has received only token punishment. In the United States, failure to take firm action against abusive priests left the Church in Boston with a legacy of bitter mistrust and legal bills totalling more than $150m (£76m). In Italy, however, it would appear that the lessons have not been learnt.

What have I got against the Church? Actually, I've got it in for all religions on this one point: they all treat women like shit.

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