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Sunday, March 18, 2007


From Cafe India in San Diego

In food news from Casa Los Gatos this week, we made:

Adobo, with lots of crushed dried red chilli, and also black peppercorns, bay leaves, wine vinegar, soy sauce, pork, ginger, garlic.

Lamb dhabe, with yoghurt, dried red chilli powder, chopped fresh green chillies, garlic, cumin seeds, cumin seed powder, coriander powder, onions, tomatoes, and garam masala.

A Burmese vegetable curry that I love, with ground turmeric, red chilli powder, blachan (ah, what a bouquet!), coconut cream, dried shrimp floss, potatoes, broccoli, chopped green chillies, garlic, ginger, brussels sprouts, asparagus beans, and cilantro (well, parsley, actually, because I forgot to put cilantro on the shopping list)!

Sag vali khichri, with whole moong beans, brown rice, two pounds of spinach, a thick slice of ginger, and some stomach-settling spices (alright, if you must know, gira, cuminseed powder, and a little hing, asafoetida, to aid with the digestion of the gently cooked moong beans). We've been unwell, and the sick need good comfort food. It smelled so good last night, but I was fading too fast after an afternoon on the hill, so I never tasted any of it. I did eat some of the broccoli florets.

Now that the cold rainy weather is mostly over, it's time to put away the big stock pots and cauldrons, and bring out the flat skillets, coconut milk, and spices! I can't wait for okra to come into season - I love eating seasonal, local produce, it tastes so much better when fresh!

Fresh produce

Next week, Brian's coming by and we're going to cook together, aren't we, Bri? Better figure out what you'd like to eat, fella.

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