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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Elegantly stretching out one long, slender paw
Madu - so well-named! Honey-colored and sweet by nature. How he suffers from his sister's depredations! That evil child got her name because it was her habit to make large wells in the featherbed, in which she would hide and wait for him to sashay by. Then she would rear up on her hind legs, utter her version of the Godzilla Roar (it sounded like Meep! to us), and bite him on the arse. The poor guy must spray when he pees, she's bitten his butt so many times.

Winking lewdly at the photog
He has the loudest purr this human has ever heard! The first time he purred as a kitten, he scared himself, it was such a boomer. You can hear him from the next room when he's in a good mood.

Hobbies: Killing small things, leaving "presents" for parents in interesting spots, massaging beds, purring, sleeping, and dining al fresco.
Pluses: Teetotaler, unlike hollow-legged sister; sweet-natured; not interested in human food, wet cat food or treats; not terribly interested in toys; restrained in use of catnip; saintly forbearance towards bratty younger sister.
Minuses: Doesn't like coming in the house except in inclement weather; overly fond of killing small things and leaving them where they may be stepped, sat, or reclined on; occasionally given to severe beating of bratty younger sister (forgivable, considering the brat in question).
Madu assumes his favorite position

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