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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Entertainment: Because You Need It

We're going to be talking about serious stuff in a minute or ten. In the interim, enjoy Sandy-LA's contribution to your greater amusement. What would we do without YouTube?

County by county, state by state. Let's work for success. The Rethugs have no plan, no ideas, no leaders, no nothing but lobbyist money and corruption and a hope that President Obama will fail, causing us endless misery. Because at this point, he is our President and he has plans to fix some of the biggest problems facing this country, facing you and me, and if he fails, America fails, and most of us suffer (not the Republicans who will keep getting their welfare handouts from the health insurance companies and other thugs, liars, cheats, and goons, who want to squeeze every last drop of blood from our bodies, but the rest of us? Not so good). We don't want to suffer another day.

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