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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Health Care: What YOU Can Do

Congressmember Raùl Grijalva

Send a thank-you to House Progressive Caucus heads Lynn Woolsey and Raùl Grijalva, who just sent a letter to President Obama stating that they and their fellow Progressives will NOT sign a health care reform bill that does not include a robust public option, as reported (click the link to see the full text of the letter) by Greg Sargent over at his blog, ThePlumLine.

The Progressives number 80, nearly a fifth of the House, so they have some negotiating power. They're fighting for us and they deserve our support, so feel free to let them know that you support them.

Congressmember Lynn Woolsey

Thank you, Congressmembers Woolsey and Grijalva! Keep fighting the good fight!

La Casa de Los Gatos is of the opinion that the State of Arizona might even be forgiven for giving us John McAncient as a senator, in view of the fact that they elected a progressive Democrat like Raùl Grijalva to the House.

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