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Friday, October 10, 2008


Hey, it's Friday, and we're sick to death of the rancid tone of the Mc Lame campaign of late. So, here for your entertainment, we present:

The Barack Obama Bear

The Joe Biden Bear

From the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, makers of fine handcrafted bears. They run a little over a hundred dollars each, so you might want to wait till President Obama and VicePresident Biden actually win the landslide victory we're all hoping for, in less than a month.

They also have a McCain and a Palin bear, but geezus fookin' Christ, we're not linking to or posting THOSE ugly things. Associating any kind of bear with that venomous wretch Palin is unthinkable. That bitch would be happy to shoot each and every bear right between the eyes and get them ALL off the planet.

La Casa de Los Gatos believes wholeheartedly in loving and caring for the other forms of life with which we share the planet. Thus we are unable to be neutral on the candidacy of Sarah Palin. We're not Deists or Theists, but of all the saints and wise men, our favourite has always been Francis of Assisi, who loved the beasts and the birds of the air. Saint Francis would not have liked Mrs. Palin much.

And all these things I give to you
To keep and to protect
From the greatest of the big sperm whale
To the tiniest insect
To rule with love and kindness
The weak, the wild, the strong
And treat my creatures gently
Only you know right from wrong

The Barleycorn, The Keeper

Note: Unlike Mrs. Palin's and Mr. McCain't's supporters, we do NOT advocate violence or hatred of any sort towards these people. We admit to not liking either the candidates or their supporters very much at all. That said, we do not wish any of these people harm or evil. Their own dispositions will bring them every unpleasant thing that they wish on others.

Incidentally, they have a little poll going on at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, in which you can vote for your preferred candidate bear. The Barack Obama bear is currently ahead of the McCain't bear by about 700 votes. Surprised?

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