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Sunday, October 05, 2008

2008 Elections: Entertainment!

Sweet Mother of Deity. Did Rich Lowry really say this?

Apparently he did. Mr. Lowry, please don't make us privy to your private sexual fantasies. Is "sat up a little straighter" codespeak for "got a serious erection"? Stolen from none other than Atta J. Turk, purveyor of topical angst.

Bill Maher had a good time putting the Lowry piece in terms we can all understand:

Is it just us, or is Bill Maher really rockin' the house lately? Teh kittehs of La Casa de Los Gatos give this four paws up!

As for the fatwa against Asif Ali Zardari, it comes from the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque), purveyors of some pretty rabid fundie Islamic thought, and we, quite frankly, don't give a shit what those people think, because they're probably the same idiots who come to our blog looking for pictures of naked women doing revolting things. Idiots.

More importantly, Pakistani feminists are infuriated by Zardari's behaviour, which is pretty much on a par with Palin's (winky winky flip yer hair, bump, grind, throw a hip). No wonder those two got along so well. They're made of the same inappropriate, idiotic stock. Palin's bad enough, but we're not interested in trashing her because anyone but the Rich Lowrys jacking off over her can tell that she's seriously inadequate for the position.

Zardari already HAS assumed the position. Of President, we mean. Not the position we'd like him to be assuming. As much as we did not care for Pinkie Bhutto, she was a brilliant woman, a feminist, though hobbled by her culture, her religion, and her political ambitions. But first and foremost she was brilliant. And accomplished. She's barely cold in her grave and already Zardari, that pillar of corruption, Mister Ten Percent himself, is hugging and flirting with some other woman. To the Pakistani feminist movement, we say, kick his ass.

And yo, Todd! What's with your wife and your Christian marriage? The National Enquirer says she's been schtupping your business partner, Oldy McMoldy has his hands all over her, and now she's giving every sexually repressed man on the planet organisms? Geez, dude, are you two married or just hangin' together for Trig?

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At 1:17 PM, Blogger Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Hi, PC!

Hope you're feeling better?

I laughed at Ms. Manitoba's comments below that her kittehs are worried about her lately, what with all the shouting at the box going on.

I watched the Biden-Palin debate with my friend and her cat Chumley (who looks a lot like Boomer) and Chumley's ears went back and he got a very worried look on his face when I started shouting at the T.V. I noticed the next time I came over he stayed under the bed all evening - first time ever. Hope he's o.k. and not ticked off over the outbursts.


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