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Monday, June 09, 2008

Politics: Impeach!

Well, folks, the Mighty Munchkin of Justice has just brought 35 (thirty-five) articles of impeachment against Gee Dumbya.

The last president got impeached for having his cock sucked. This one's gonna get impeached for being a cocksucker.

Should we get our hopes up? True, the little weasel is flying around Europe at taxpayers' expense even as we rage and rant and slide into poverty (or, if you're in Iowa, into Hurricane Katrina territory). Reuters is calling it his "farewell Europe" tour. What's he hoping to accomplish? Other than spending our much-needed funds, that is.

Operative snippet:
With less than eight months to go before Bush leaves office, European leaders are expected to offer him little if anything to narrow the gap with Washington on issues like climate change, a resurgent Russia and a defiant Iran.

Mindful that Bush is even more unpopular across much of Europe than he is at home, the White House itself has no lofty hopes for Bush's trip, which is expected to draw large protests in countries where anti-Bush sentiment runs highest.
He has the gall to flap his gums about the need for a "stronger dollar" (pretty cheeky, considering that he practically single-handedly shoved it down the toilet and pulled the flush).

In an article with the Web header of 'Yurp' says Auf Wiedersehen to Dubya, the online edition of German magazine der Spiegel states, in less than adoring terms, what German politicians of every stripe think of the lame fuck, er, duck.

Our northern neighbour, Canada, observes at the CBC site that Europe is awaiting the little creep's final visit with "relative indifference." Pertinent quote:
[...] officials in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana say only a few small protests are expected this time.

Local media reports say this is because Bush is on his way out as U.S. leader and no longer attracts the same sort of attention when he visits.
Meanwhile, in the UK, the Independent is pointing out (no doubt to the collective joy of the 75 per cent of the U.S. that wishes the Chimp-in-Chief would disappear on an extended vacation already and never return) that the Chimp is going to receive a less than warm welcome:
But leading voices in the worlds of the arts and politics, including the novelist Iain Banks, the artist David Gentleman and the human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger, have now joined forces to call for Mr Bush to face a war crimes trial in the Hague.

Labour MPs and the cross-party Coalition Against the War in Iraq are preparing a national demonstration against the visit. They will deliver protest letters to Downing Street and carry handcuffs as a symbol of their claims that the President is a war criminal.

Andrew Murray, the chair of the Stop the War Coalition, said: "George Bush should be in The Hague facing war crimes charges over the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq since 2003, not being entertained in Downing Street. Gordon Brown doesn't need a policy brief for this meeting, just a pair of handcuffs."
Perhaps Banksy can show up and graffiti the schmuck. A little red paint, some duct-taped-on photographs of dead Iraqi children with missing limbs and broken bodies. You get our drift.

People with conscience and a soul believe the prick belongs in the dock at The Hague on war crimes charges. The blinding spotlight of U.S. coverage of the issue has been noteworthy for its complete and total absence.

Hey, media schmucks! Get a clue. The guy is almost universally disliked, despised, hated, and deplored. Get with the program and give Kucinich, Conyers, Wexler, and their like coverage for their impeachment calls.

We fervently hope that the brainless, worthless, graceless swine returns to a full impeachment.

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