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Monday, June 09, 2008

Natural Disasters: Midwest Flooding

Steve Apps, Associated

Damn. Sometimes it's just not good to be a prophet.

OK, not a prophet so much as ... a good guesser? Attentive? Something.

Just yesterday, we blogged about the looming infrastructure crisis in this country. Today, Raw Story tells us that homes are washing away in the Midwest, and some ten people have lost their lives due to flooding, driven by stormy weather. Thousands have lost power.

Flood warnings have gone out for Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa. In Minnesota, a state of emergency was declared in Houston County, where floodwaters damaged several roads and caused mudslides. The weather service has posted a tornado warning for south-central Illinois and a severe thunderstorm warning for Indiana. A severe weather warning was also posted for Wisconsin.

Six of the ten dead were in Michigan. The AP has announced that a tornado tore through Nebraska.

At least some of the flooding resulted from a broken dam.

National Guard troops are working in central and western Indiana to help people displaced by flooding.

Meanwhile, the East coast is sweltering under a heat wave. Welcome to global warming, children. It's pretty damn hot here, right now, despite the lateness of the hour.

And, before you ask, just like last time when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast, Bush is on holiday. Flying around Europe.

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At 4:51 PM, Blogger Charlotte aka TM said...

While watching the flooding in Indiana on the news I thought to myself it looks like New Orleans after the levees broke. Except there weren't hundreds of people on their roofs and in their attics waiting for days to be rescued. I didn't see scores of bodies floating in the water either. I hope I don't come across as bitter or give the impression that I think we had it worse. I pray every night for those affected by the flooding because I know just how crazy their world is right now.
BTW - thought you might find this interesting reading concerning the feds (non)response to Katrina:

I would blog about it but I've taken a hiatus from blogging storm-related stuff for my own sanity. :)

At 11:40 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

My dear Charlotte,

You're not wrong in the least. You did have it worse. I had the same thoughts myself. It's OK to be furious about what happened to NOLA. Goddamit, they let a beautiful city &mdash a major city &mdash die, they let people get fucking killed, they knew it was going to happen and they just gave alla you the finger.

That was the day when everything turned around, for those of us who had kept our mouths shut and our heads down till then.

What's happening in the Midwest now is just more of the same. If they could do it to y'all, they could do it to anyone. This just proves it.


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