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Saturday, April 05, 2008



Enough with all the depressing annoying stuff, already!

That's right, little kitty! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, Zingiber is snoring &mdash hey, what's the big idea? All these damn cats are lolling about in bed snoring their little catty heads off! Out, out! It's a lovely day, get your furry asses out there.

In good news from the animal world today, Circles the duck received an order of protection against some nasty neighbour who shot her a while back. The neighbour can't be anywhere near Circles without getting his ass in some big legal trouble; and also, Circles was treated and recovered just fine. Here she is, in fine feather. She shares a crate with two Labrador/pit bull doggies.

Photo by James Carbone / April 4, 2008

Remember the recent collapse of a crane in New York? It destroyed a Manhattan brownstone, killing a woman inside and six other people?

One of the families living in that brownstone had two cats: Mr. Gloves and Gooksie. After the crane collapsed, the people came home to find their building in ruins and the cats nowhere to be found. Naturally, they assumed the cats had been killed in the collapse of the building.

Well, happy day. Mr. Gloves and Gooksie have been found and reunited with their loving hoomins:
"When I picked him up, he was rigid, totally traumatized," she said. "He must have been just blown out of the building. It was like picking up a piece of wood."

She took the animal to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where it had to be tranquilized before a veterinarian could examine it.
Yeah, well, you'd be stiff as a fucking board too if you'd been sitting at home minding your own beeswax and suddenly a humongous explosion resulted in you being blown clear across the street onto the church steps. Poor kitty. Bonus quote:
Amid the destruction, neighbors involved in the rescue have been heartened by the story of the rescued cats.

"It was all so horrendous, and yet, people were concerned and united to try to find these cats they didn't even know — policemen, firefighters, neighbors, the Red Cross," Otway said. "As St. Paul said, this is about how to overcome evil with good."
Yes, there's plenty out there that is not sunshine and rainbows. Our challenge as thinking, feeling beings is to find the joy and goodness in everything, and use it to bring ourselves out of the shadows and into the blessed light.

Off to the garden to admire our blooms and listen to the birds sing. It's a beautiful day! Blessed be, one and all, great and small.

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At 5:40 PM, Blogger Henry said...

Mr. Gloves? That sounds like a character out of a Neil Gaiman story. An EVIL character. Well, good news for MG and G and for Circles the Duck too. I would not want to have Circles on my bad side. And congratulations. Your watertiger graphic has earned you a parental advisory warning on my links (and caused some serious wincing on our part--please make it STOP!) It had to be done. Young children come to my site expecting sunshine and rainbows. I try to lob them a few softballs, but the rest requires some g.i.fortitude.
Happy Caturday!


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