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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Politics: Republican Courts Hispanic Vote

See, these people have absolutely no shame in saying what they think of working people, working-class people, poor people, brown people, black people &mdash anybody but the rich and powerful. Those, they plentifully kiss-ass.

Colorado State Rep. Douglas Bruce actually prepared a two-page single-spaced speech to declaim the "illiterate peasants" who pick his tomatoes and clean his house and make his wine. In honour of the immigration bill being debated in the House, Rep. Bruce managed to get on his hind legs to deliver his nasty comment before being told to bag it by acting Democratic speaker of the house Rep. Kathleen Curry. Raw Story tells us that the nasty little brute had the gall to subsequently insist that he was merely telling the truth, which offended his colleagues.

However, the chupacabra previously kicked a photographer during a House prayer, putting the lie to his "truth-telling" pretensions. He had the gall to excuse that incident by claiming the photographer was disrupting the prayer session. So taking your photograph equals disruption, but assaulting someone else does not. He meant to insult and offend both times, and he succeeded.

The issue under discussion was a guest worker program, something we need right quick as produce prices rise and farmers are unable to find workers to labour in their fields and cities decay even further as undocumented immigrants in fear for their lives and safety leave, taking their disposable income with them.

Raw Story has the video clip.

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At 8:53 AM, Blogger Fade said...

what a scumbag.


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