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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gut Shabbos

and to those who observe, a good Pesach.

Today is the first day of Pesach, the feast of the Passover. The atheist household of La Casa de Los Gatos does not observe religious holidays, but we sure do enjoy a good feast for any reason whatsoever.

And celebrating being "passed over" by the Angel of Death is about as good a reason for feasting as any. When we break bread on this special evening, we will spare a thought for the suffering people of Palestine who starve in the concentration camp of Gaza even as good Israelis work to end the horror that is daily inflicted on Palestinians. The government of Israel will not permit humanitarian relief into Gaza even as they target hospitals and journalists. And it's difficult to decide who has been more useless in achieving peace in the Middle-East, Condi Rice or Tony Blair.

May your seder be blessed with peace and plenty, and may it bring peace in the Middle East one day closer.

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