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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Animal Stories: What You Can Do To Stop Cruelty

Random cute doggie

We hadn't heard this nasty little story about the miserable fucking asshole who decided to starve a dog to death and call it art. If we ever get our hands on him, we're re-enacting Kafka's Hunger Artist.

Dr. Belisa Vranich offers up some psychological insight into the scumbucket on legs, Guillermo Habacuc Vargas, and points out what you can do to ensure that animal cruelty of such proportions is at least reduced. If we all do our bit we can eliminate this gratuitous suffering on the part of creatures whose only crime is to share a planet with us.

We're not impressed by the recent editions of Burning Man. It was art when it started, now it's derivative mass exhibitionism complete with sprog. But it's still worlds above the torturing of an animal. So do what the good doctor says. Write letters, give up a couple of lattes or a lunch and send the money to your local animal shelter or an organization that works to protect animals. Volunteer to walk the dogs at your local shelter one weekend. Take your kids to the SPCA or the local rescue and teach them that these helpless creatures rely on the kindness of our hearts for their very survival.

And to take that bad taste out of your mouth, here is an inspirational story about Turkish and Greek Cypriot youths joining together to protect the donkeys native to that Mediterranean land.
Only half in jest, Tony Angastiniotis, a Greek documentary film-maker, says an intercommunal effort to preserve an ancient way of life could even help resolve the island's decades-old division.

"Maybe the donkeys will be the way to peace. They are the only true Cypriots anyway," he said.

Ediz Ismail-Eddie, a Turkish Cypriot living in Australia, joins in a lively debate on Facebook.

"This is murder, all Cypriots should do something about this problem, Greek/Turkish, it doesn't matter. We should protect this island together. We are losing our culture, our nature. It's time to wake up!"
Facebook, a tool for the rescue of Cypriot donkeys? Facebook brings peace to Turkish and Greek Cypriots? Wouldn't that be great?

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