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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Featured Bloggers on The Blogroll Stroll

Graphics credits Skippy, concept credit Skippy and Jon Swift

Oh, my. Looks like lots of people have something to say today that resonates with us. Plus, we've found a bunch of new blogs. So we're going to post in two parts.
  • First off, Alien Trucker, whose politics we appear to share, puts the focus where it belongs in this race. Our good friend BustedKnuckles joins in to put the boot where it's deserved &mdash in McStain;

  • Then Rob, over at 13 Martyrs, points out the tragedy that's going on in the Israeli government's deliberate destruction of Palestinians and Gaza.

    If you're planning to flame us over this, don't waste your time. We have always been very pro-Israeli and we do not define that as "pro-Israeli-government." The Israeli government is ignoring the will of its own people in attacking the hapless Palestinians. It is guilty of attempted genocide, and certainly, of war crimes. Our Israeli friends agree. And the irony of the Israeli government telling the Palestinians that they face a "holocaust" appears to escape them, but not us.

  • Badtux treats us to a snarky little analysis of Putin's fine hand in the Russian electioneering. Maybe he can give Charlotte Allen of the WhatPoo! lessons on writing satire?

  • Sinfonian challenges us to put his Huggy Bear picture on our blogs throughout the election. Sin, can't you photoshop that to the cake_and_katrina pic? That is so much oomphier. Or montage them, or sump'n?

  • Tom Burka over at Opinions You Should Have has a fine time roasting the presidential candidates, current and former;
More later. Gotta quit before the brain 'splodes.

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