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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton, you need to stop and take a look around now. Please. Yes, you're tough, tenacious, and a terrific fighter, but you've got to get rid of the weasels and shills in your camp who keep directing you into missteps. First it was the plagiarism charge. What a weak cup of tea that was! Couldn't you find something more pertinent? What about the differences between your health plan and his? Or your plan for tackling the economy? Iraq?

Then your campaign people sent out pictures to Matt Drudge?? Of Obama in traditional Somali garb. That's just low. Attacking him for his political positions is one thing. Trying to stoke the rightwing rumour that he's a Manchurian Muslim candidate is simply pathetic and beyond the pale.

Then your attack dogs &mdash NOW chapter heads, among others &mdash began bashing Senator Kennedy for endorsing Obama, and implying that Obama's position on women's right to choice was deficient even though he earned 100% approval from NOW and NARAL for his position; you had Geraldine Ferraro bringing up charges of reverse racism, to which your campaign had a tepid response.

Now, you're accusing Senator Obama of lying about his position with the conservative University of Chicago School of Law. What the hell is that about? Why? Can't you stick to the substantive stuff? And why raise something about someone else's purported lies when (1) you just got busted for lying &mdash it's all too fresh in the minds of the public, and it's only going to make them remember your lie; and (2) this accusation involves a third party who is going to have to make some sort of public statement, so you'd better be sure you're correct. Well, you weren't. In other words, you got busted for lying again. Because the UC Law School just came out with a public statement that Senator Obama was indeed what he claimed to be, and you were wrong. Except the voting public won't see it as "Hillary Clinton was wrong," they'll see it as "Hillary Clinton lied again."

Please, Senator Clinton. You're better than this. Don't you realize that by engaging in these low tactics, you're throwing away all the political capital that both you and your husband earned during the eight good years of his administration? That all of us who supported you against the Republican attacks, and who believed you when you told us about the "vast right-wing conspiracy" feel like complete chumps now that you're sitting at the same table as that revolting excuse for a human being, Richard Mellon-Scaife who personally funded eight or more years of bloodthirsty attacks on you and your family?

Now you're challenging the Texas delegates. Are you going to try and disenfranchise voters who didn't vote for you? We thought the ruckus about seating the Florida and Michigan delegates was to make sure voters weren't disenfranchised.

La Casa de Los Gatos is so deeply disappointed in you. After 20 years as a loyal supporter of yourself &mdash dating back to the days when you worked with Marion Wright Edelman &mdash we just don't know what to think about you, and your campaign, anymore. Please get rid of that unionbuster, Mark Penn. Clean up your campaign and fight fair. Please. Don't do this to yourself.

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At 3:54 AM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

amazing huh -- all the accusations she had back in the 90s -- well it is time for her minions to fight back using the same things

this is why i just cannot stomach her.

there is something about desperation that is very ugly

At 7:50 PM, Blogger Sungold said...

You've put together an impressive and depressing list, TPC. I just wrote about the "not a real professor" bullcrap yesterday; it's too absurd.

I guess it's true, though, that if Obama survives all this, the Republicans probably won't have much new material to Swift-Boat him with, though they'll certainly be able to recycle Clinton's attacks.

At 8:30 AM, Blogger zoe said...

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