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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Women's Rights: Rank Misogyny Everywhere

Charlotte Allen

Over at Shakesville, contributor Jeff Fecke tells us that the (aptly-named) Wah!Poo dug deep under a rock to unearth one Charlotte Allen to write an editorial piece titled "We Scream. We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?" &mdash a misogynistic screed that flogs that ancient dead equine, the stupidity of women.

We here at La Casa de Los Gatos are inclined to believe that people faint at political rallies &mdash especially those as crowded as Obama's are rumoured to be &mdash because they're standing for long periods of time in crowded areas and the combined body heat and crowded conditions can cause even sturdy men to pass out. However, we're reliably informed by our colleagues in the medical profession &mdash phlebotomists, especially &mdash that sturdy, unstupid men are far more likely to pass out cold when visiting them. Matter of preference, we suppose.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere someone else asks why all those stupid women on the InnerTubes don't take Allen's argument apart point by point and post a rebuttal. Well, that's fairly simple. The piece of shite is so infuriating, they're all being treated for blood pressure problems. After they've recovered, they will probably rip Allen's head off and stuff it in her rectum &mdash oh, wait, update: it appears it's already there. Hmmm.

As Laura Rozen points out on her blog, the last Wah!Poo contributor who wrote a piece offensive to Jews lost his job. In light of that, is it right, or fair, that Ms. Allen should continue to hold hers? We're fairly sure that it can be proved that Jews are a subset of Women.

Over at Politico, meanwhile, Michael Calderone is telling us that Wah!Poo editor John Pomfret claims the piece is "tongue in cheek." However, it appears that Allen has a long and well-documented history of writing misogynistic screeds. Perhaps Mr. Pomfret means "tongue in butt," as in, her tongue in his butt. Can you think of any other reason why the Wah!Poo, which is constantly complaining about its declining readership, should decide to offend at least half its audience in one fell swoop?

In any event, someone needs to alert Deborah Howell, Wah!Poo's incompetent and stupid (hey, she's female, and her paper obviously believes Ms. Allen, right?) ombudsperson that the answer to her question about declining female readership of the Wah!Poo has been located. It is, once again, apparent that the Wah!Poo's right hand knoweth not in whose pants the left hand resideth.

August Pollack describes the Wah!Poo's reaction to the self-engendered fiasco thus:
If you were a low-level grunt at a fast-food restaurant, and when a customer asked for a burger and you accidentally served them a raw, uncooked patty of ground beef, you would most likely be fired. In contrast, if you are the editor of the Washington Post you apparently get to respond by asking people to send in their favorite hamburger recipes to counter the massive epidemic of Salmonella poisoning you just gave everyone.
We couldn't agree more.

If you are a stupid female, a not-stupid female, or a male of any level of intelligence who wishes to register a complaint with the Wah!Poo, please go here.

If you'd prefer to give Ms. Allen the sharp edge of your tongue in person, the Wah!Poo has threatened to have her online for questioning. We're bringing popcorn.

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