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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Politics: Maggot Denies Any Knowledge of Flies

Pasty gusano and Satan's hunchman (big thanks to Frank Zappa!) KKKarl Rove is now claiming to be an evil familiar of very little influence! Say what? Is this the same slimy spawn of a thousand demons who assured the American People right before the 2006 elections that, despite the polls showing Republicans polling lower than a worm's arsehole, they would win because he had "the math?" As opposed to, you know, "our," i.e., the rest of the universe's, math?

Now that longtime Republican activist Dana Jill Simpson has gone public with her allegations that Rove actively worked to arrest and convict Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman for doing exactly what John McCain is doing, all of a sudden KKKarl's balls, which he used to need a wheelbarrow to trundle around, have shrunk to the size of lentils?

Things are, apparently, so bad out in the RoveMathWorld that MSNBC host Dan Abrams (huh?) is calling on our Attorney-General Mucousy to appoint a special investigator to dig to the bottom of the fecal pile surrounding the Turdblossom. Hey, ho, just another day in Bushiana now that the Rethuglicans no longer control both houses of the Legislature and the scheming, lying, scum-sucking moral reprobate Al-Butto GoneZales is no longer in a position to prevent the law from being carried out.

While KKKarl is loudly protesting his innocence and powerlessness in the same breath, Ms. Simpson, who apparently knows him well, has only one statement for him:
"I want him to swear in front of the United States Congress, and swear what he is saying is true," Dana Jill Simpson told MSNBC's Dan Abrams. Simpson has previously told news outlets, including RAW STORY, Harpers and 60 Minutes that Rove asked her to gather dirt on Siegelman.
We're not holding our breath, though we, just like the rest of the civilized world, long to see KKKarl in chains at the Hague, or workin' on a chain gang breaking big rocks into little rocks.

Dan Abrams sez:
"This is about politicizing our justice system and it just cannot go unchecked," he said.
Raw Story has the details.

Oh, pleez, pleez, pleez, pleez, pleez, Great Ctulhu, pleeeeez!

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