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Saturday, February 23, 2008

B.A.D. Featured Bloggers

Graphic credits to Skippy, concept credit to Jon Swift and Skippy

Today's stroll through Blogtopia yields more interesting discoveries:
  • Over at 13 Martyrs, Rob Wagner highlights some interesting questions about freedom of religion;
  • While Gordon at Alternate Brain makes an interesting observation about John "Senile and Insane! It's a TwoFer!" McPain;
  • Urk! Badtux tells us a little about why that B2 might have crashed in Guam. It is to mutter nervously.
  • ConnecticutMan1 has more to add on John "T3h Insane Pain" McCain, and it's all interesting. And in his spare time, he disassembles Bill O'Falafel, inspiring us to consider a possible action against the worthless misogynistic racist letch;
  • Over at Kiko's House, Shaun Mullen has us laughing our pants off at the saga of the Cedars;
  • Rez Dog over at Mockingbird's Medley has something he would like us to do, and we're happy to oblige;
  • and Miss Welby delights us with a truly bilingual blog - we post the English-only version here, but you can click to see the Italian-only version, or the bilingual version. Brilliant Miss Welby!
This has been your BAD roundup of Blogtopia (y,Sctp!). La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your attention.

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