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Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Elections: Iowa Decided Nothing!

Disclaimer: While we prefer Edwards to all other candidates, we believe every single candidate should have a place at the table until all voters have had the chance to register their opinion.

So why is ABC dropping Gravel, Hunter, and Kucinich from the debates? That is just unacceptable. The people have the right to hear all the candidates, regardless of how much ABC or the other corporate-owned fawning bootlicking media dislike any individual candidate.

If you feel that politics in this country has been debased into a sideshow, perhaps you should let ABC know that Hunter, Gravel, and Kucinich belong in the debate. You can contact them here.

Further disclaimer: We at this fine establishment can't stand Hunter. But in the interest of a well-informed populace that is the very foundation of democracy, he must be heard.

Raw Story has the details, and informs us also that Chris Dodd and Joe Biden have dropped out of the race. Pity. We really like and respect Dodd, and he stood up for the Constitution as few others have.

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