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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Racism: Alive And Well

Racism is alive and well in Texas, in the 21st century. Raw Story tells us that an African-American couple building a home in a mostly-white neighbourhood of Arlington have been attacked by some neighbours.

We mean "physically attacked." Neighbour Grace Hood (what an apt name!) decided that the way to improve community relations was to hit Silk Littlejohn, her potential neighbour, with a two-by-four while screaming, "You effin N****** are not going to move here," according to Roderick Gamble, Ms. Littlejohn's fiance. Ms. Littlejohn is recovering from this act of neighbourliness at the local hospital.

Gamble believes that Hood is also behind an incident that occurred two days after the attack on Ms. Littlejohn. Apparently, some enthusiastic soul(s) decided a two-by-four to the head was insufficient to deter Gamble and Littlejohn. They added dead animals to the yard of the Gamble/Littlejohn home, and spray-painted graffiti that included the tender sentiment, "Die, N******," to the garage door.

Mr. Gamble decided to leave the graffiti up in order to impress upon his future neighbours that these incidents amounted to an unacceptably racist attack.

His actions appear to have served the desired purpose.
As the dispute dragged on, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck finally decided to meet with the NAACP and then with a group of neighbors. So many people showed up for the meeting, held this past Thursday in a school cafeteria, that many were left standing outside in the cold.

Although Gamble had feared beforehand that the meeting would be a lynching, he discovered that the mayor, police chief, and many others were strongly supportive. "370,000 people had this crime committed against them," Mayor Cluck said.
The mayor of the city, and the police force, as well as the residents are doing the graceful thing - supporting Mr. Gamble and Ms. Littlejohn and attempting to resolve the conflict (what conflict? The conflict between the pathetically unevolved sociopath who performed these acts and the great civilized community around them) in an enlightened way.

Radio host Mike Gallagher has arranged for new garage doors to be installed at the home, and a march is planned today, so if you're around the area you might want to drop by in a show of solidarity. It's time to let the idiots know that their days are numbered.

Details here.

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