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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Caturday! Yay!

Yes, it's Caturday. The day for smooching on our kittehs and tormenting them with tasty treats and overaffectionate pettin's. Bandicoot insisted on sharing our excellent cherry cheese danish (made with fresh ricotta instead of that gluey custard stuff, and preserved sweet cherries for a great taste of summer, and layer upon layer of buttery phyllo). Yum.

Zingiber had his pojamas trimmed. Yes, we actually lured that lump o' lard out from under the bed (which is where he hides whenever he hears the sound of snapping surgical gloves). Sorry, tubbo, that's what happens when you get too fat to clean your own behind. We cleans and clips it for ya!

Gojira is out terrorizing fallen leaves (she's too small to scare the squirrels, moles, and gophers - that's Madu's job).

Madu is also out, recovering from yet another goddamned catfight. At home he's the laziest, most narcoleptic, and sweetest of purry felines. Let him out, and he gets in fights with everybody and their sister-in-law. He's got a notch in one ear and a bleeding scratch in the other, and five distinct bite marks and missing fur. We don't even wanna know what the other guy looks like, because this guy is a big, scrappy fighter. He doesn't mess around. We've seen him kick holy shit out of other cats. Why, Madu, why?

Gustav went out briefly, but he's a tropical cat and the recent cold spell makes him moo. The only cat we ever met that moos. He's got that cow coloration thing going, too, which gives us a bout of serious dysfunction just watching him. And a tail that looks like a chrysanthemum bud.

So? How's YOUR Caturday going?

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