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Friday, January 25, 2008

Entertainment: Who Let The Cat Out?

Enough with all the bad news. Casa de Los Gatos declares a moratorium today, especially because it's freezing cold and one small gray mouse of a cat has crawled under the covers and is licking and nibbling my ankle. Yikes! Little beast. Yes, that would be Gojira Helen Wheels.

Well, her 22-pound orange lump of an uncle Zingiber just jumped up on the bed, landed squarely on the poor little six-pound weakling and trampled her in a mad rush to his second favourite sleeping spot (I'm occupying the first).

Gojira's supposed to be a Russian blue, but I've never known such a cat for hating the cold. Cold weather sends her straight to bed, preferably under the covers, curled in a tiny ball. If she weren't so cute and beautiful (and elegant and graceful and dainty), she'd be black and blue from well-deserved pinches and smacks. But, on account of her otherwise sterling qualities (beauty, grace, deathly levels of cute), the only smacks she gets are kisses on her sweet little face (she hates it; so she says, although she purrs).

Today's entertainment comes with a warning: Always check your bags for the cat!

Raw Story tells us that a man who picked up the wrong suitcase by accident at the Dallas, Texas airport only realized it was the wrong one when a cat popped out of it.

Luckily, he was opening it at home (imagine the ensuing pandemonium if he had opened it at the airport!). The cat, Gracie Mae, was wearing a collar with her owner's name and phone number, so the nice man called and Gracie Mae is now back in the loving arms of her hitherto frantically worried family.

What is it with cats and suitcases? Ours always try to leap in when we start packing. The moral of the story must be "Be sure your cat has a collar with your name and phone number clearly visible; and be sure to check for hidden cats in your luggage."

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