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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Animal Stories: Abandoned Pets

Lois at Best Friends

Foreclosures are, apparently, causing people to dump their pets, says Raw Story.

We here at Casa de Los Gatos would need a much better reason to dump our four-legged friends, but we understand how bad it is out there. Mostly, we feel sorry for the poor furries who are left to starve and die. Folks, if you need to get out, that's OK, we understand, but won't you please, please, please, contact your local shelter and see if they know of some no-kill shelter that will help to place your faithful friends?

They stuck by you through thick and thin for as long as you let them. Don't just leave them to die, people. The least you can do is pass them on to people who care.

And for those of you who, like us, care but can't possibly take one more, please send your dollars to Best Friends, who are famed for taking care of all kinds of furfoots and never let a single one be killed for lack of a home.

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