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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Caturday: Yeah Right

Come back after a few weeks, and what do we find? Bandicoot's got a nasty cold that's moved down into his chest. I can't bear to hear those rattling breaths. And an eye infection. Warm towels to the face and chest, but he's going to talk to the doctor on Monday.

Zingiber pooped all over the brand-new floor downstairs. Anyone know how to get cat poop out of marble tile and grout? Plus, he had a stinky wad stuck to his pojamas, pee-yew. We finally got out gloves and scissors and cleaning pads and gave him a proper scrubdown and clip, which he hates, of course, and screams at 2k decibels throughout. Now we're all deaf.

Gustav apparently had another psychotic episode. He's been chasing all the other cats around and trying to beat them up. Not very successfully because his back legs keep trying to go in the opposite direction from his front legs. Plus, I guess one or more of them got sick of it because he's sporting some mighty scratches on nose and lip. Bandicoot had one tiny scratch on his nose, wait'll I find out who's responsible for that outrage.

Madu hates us all with a passion. Luckily, he's a narcolept-in-training with a big sleepy-making purr that switches on automatically, so once we pick him up, he starts purring, then he falls asleep, so that bidness goes nowhere. He does get cranky when he's asleep, though. If we move he starts muttering and grumbling, with his eyes closed tight, and if the movement gets too annoying he reaches out and sticks some sharp claws in the nearest body. Eyes tightly closed and purring all the while, and grumbling simultaneously.

Gojira has been really clingy ever since we got back. Poor little thing, she ran out of the house when the neighbours opened the door and just never came back in apparently. Now she can't stand to be away from us. On the other hand, she's too cute for words, so she's getting lots of hugs and kisses. And pissing all over the floor.

Some fucking caturday. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and they'll all hate us instead of each other.

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