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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Politics: Republican Arrested For Molesting Minors

Round 391,000 of Republican Whack-A-Mole. He's 66, a father, a grandfather, and engaged to a woman nice enough to believe he's not some child-molesting jerk and whacko. Yet, Republican Jeff Krull, mayor of Mascotte, has been arrested and charged with six counts of lewd and lascivious molestation and one count of showing lewd and lascivious material to a minor.

Always with the perversions, these people. One of the things we hear from Republicans, miffed because their closets appear to be blowing open these days, dumping them and all their perverted shenanigans in the public eye: Well, Democrats do it too.

Yes, Democrats do something too, and so do liberals and independents and progressives and radicals and activists and old people and young people and greens and women and men. The point is, human sexuality is a wonderful, normal, diverse thing. It includes homosexuality, heterosexuality, and a wide range of queer. If accepted as a normal and beautiful component of human life, it does not lead to dressing up in poorly-matched women's lingerie and soliciting in parking lots and toilets, or hitting on underage targets.

It's when people get their panties all in a bunch about other people's sexual behaviours that they repress their own normal sexual behaviours and start acting out in gross, despicable ways. Like the Gross Old Perverts, with their weekly arrests for deity-knows-what kind of activity.

Sheesh, youse guys, just admit you're sexual and get your freak on with someone your own age already. And quit trying to control the behaviour of the queer community and teenagers and adult women.

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