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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Politics: Pelosi Says Impeachment Letters Rumour Untrue

According to Raw Story, there's a rumour flying about on the InnerTubes that Nancy Pelosi will put impeachment back on the table if she gets 10,000 letters urging her to do so. The rumour was born over on Thinking Out Loud, and swiftly dismissed
"It's obvious patent nonsense," pro-impeachment activist David Swanson told RAW STORY. "It's a sort-of rumor that's taken various forms for the past year and a half." Swanson's own website,, carries a reference to the Pelosi rumor, although he says he didn't author that particular entry and didn't realize it had been included in the post.

Although untrue, Swanson adds that the hearsay was still beneficial to the cause of those advocating for the impeachment of Cheney.

"It's one of these false rumors that's actually very helpful," he added. "There's a burst of people sending [letters] and that's good."
But a more interesting rumour is afoot. There's a rumour going round that an effort is underway to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. From okfrank the blog comes a comment with links to various posts and comments regarding the possible removal of Pelosi as speaker.

Casa de Los Gatos had high hopes for Pelosi when she was first elected. She has turned out to be quite the disappointment though. No leadership at all, just an endless parrotting of what she regards as the common wisdom. We would not shed a tear at seeing her get the boot.

Over at the next hurrah, someone brings up a few salient points. To find the remaining posts and comments on dumping Pelosi, drop by at okfrank's. We have our doubts about both Pelosi's effectiveness, and the success of any attempt to get rid of her. Right now, she's up there with Feinstein, Schumer, Hoyer, and Rahm Emmanuel as worthless shites that should be dumped instantly if not sooner - ranking just a little lower than Holy Joe Lieberman, the Sanctimonious Whore.

On the other hand, there is nothing the Forces of Evil, as represented by Darth Cheney and Karl Rove and David Addington and their fellow thugs would like better than to see the Democratic Party tearing itself apart before the election that will finally rid us of Lord God High Panjandrum Shrubya the Lesser.

Read it for yourself and make up your own minds.

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At 8:48 AM, Blogger Collin said...

Pelosi, first then cheyne then bush....

I could happen

I would have to take drugs to keep from giggling in public.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Gail Jonas said...

This is really interesting. I had no idea my post was picked up by Raw Story. I'm don't have any exposure and only sent it to about 20 friends.

I stated I didn't know whether or not it was a rumor, attempted to verify the source, and declared it was a good idea even if it was a rumor.

Today I posted about using rumors once it's been verified that the information isn't accurate:

I've learned my lesson: don't post anything until it's verified. I should have waited until Monday morning and called Pelosi's office.


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