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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Politics: Go Dennis! And Go, Dennis.

Wow! A surfeit of good news today. Dennis Kucinich is not giving up on the impeachment of Snarly McCrashcart (tx Maru for that monicker). In fact, he is SO not giving up that he's launched his own Internet TV station - yup. KucinichTV. According to Raw Story's report,
KucinichTV will feature a live town hall meeting at 9 p.m. Wednesday as part of a series of broadcasts planned for the next 10 weeks, the campaign says.


On, the congressman lists the details of his impeachment measure, which he says is necessary to prevent Cheney from plunging the country into another war with Iran. Kucinich first introduced his impeachment resolution in April, accompanied by a lengthy list of alleged Cheney crimes, including pushing false intelligence in the run up to Iraq.
How cool is THAT??

According to Raw Story, so many people called in when Kucinich hosted a conference call on impeachment, they brought the switchboards down. Yay, Dennis! Peace, mighty man!

Dennis Hastert dressed up as a taxicab

In other happy, happy, joy, joy news, Raw Story reports that blubbertub Denny Hastert is easing his fat ass on down the road. Best known for his attempts to impersonate a New York taxicab and his shameless corruption and involvement in various Republican scandals (oh, just pick one, any one), Hastert announced he would not run for re-election once details of the scandals began leaking out. Apparently something has prodded the old lardbutt right out of his cozy Congressional seat - could it be hints of teh ghey, which have swirled around the corrupt congresscritter for, oh, forever?

Unfortunately, the fat worm hasn't announced a specific date, but he'll slither off sometime in December or January, necessitating a special election in his district. Perhaps they'll bust him for that sweet land deal he finagled for himself. Wouldn't that be nice? Denny and Tom "The Bugman" in adjoining cells?

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