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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Politics: Republicans Demand Democrats Withdraw Truth

Substitute lies, instead, insists Sam Mossback.
Or not exactly. Senior Republicans on Congress' Joint Economic Committee, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KN) and Rep. James Saxon (R-NJ) are calling on Democrats to retract a staff report alleging the hidden costs of the Iraq war could total more than $1.5 trillion.
So the long and short of this explosion of completely bogus outrage is that the Democrats (finally, the spineless jellyfish) issued a report pointing out the true cost of Shrubya's pet war. Let's face it folks, it's ~500 billion today, but that's minus the required care for the 30 per cent of the troops who are showing up with PTSD, and the 20 per cent with TBI (traumatic brain injury) who will need help dressing, bathing, eating, fixing food, managing their lives; the 30,000+ who are badly injured, some missing one or more limbs; the families of the wounded and dead, who might have lost a primary breadwinner, and will need financial assistance to manage the loss of one or more full-time incomes; and the medical care that those families, their dependent children, and the injured themselves will need for the rest of their lives.

See, the Chimperor and his cronies think "supporting the troops" means buying flags made in China and those little metal magnet ribbons, and sticking them on your SUV. It has not yet dawned on them that when you ask a man or woman to give their life or one or more limbs or brain or soul for the country, you are obliged to take care of that person in whatever way they need care. Burial for the dead, assistance for the wounded, and care for their families and dependants.

Add that to gas prices that have doubled just over the past year. Add that to inflation. Add to that the mortgage crisis and credit crunch which are crushing the dollar on international markets and taking the homes of many families, with many more to come. What have you got? A perfect storm. The current health care system, military or civilian, is already breaking and falling apart. Hell, the whole goddamned country is falling apart. Does the Chimperor - and do his greedy rotten friends - really think the collapse of the infrastructure and the societal machine can be ignored? That no money should be set aside to fix cities, towns, sewage systems, roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, fire stations, police stations, libraries, museums?

Senator Mossback, you should concentrate on polishing some other turds right now. These are shining too brightly for the people to ignore them any longer. Find some shiny bright tinsel to wave in the faces of the media. Maybe Britney Spears has had plastic surgery on her coochie, or something. There must be something you can distract us with.

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