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Monday, November 12, 2007

Politics: Nutters No Longer Bother To Hide Nuttiness

You have to wonder why the stark raving insane are so well-represented in the Halls of Power. Is it just because the insular world of Warshingktown breeds insanity? Or is it because the inbreeding of the rich and powerful, read Republicans, has led to the worst of the gene pool expressing itself? Because these people are fruity as a nutcake, to come up with something like this:
GOP staffers sensed Pelosi plot in temporary Fox News blackout


When Fox News programming mysteriously disappeared last week from televisions at the US Capitol, some Republican Congressional aides were quick to suspect foul play, according to a DC newspaper.

"Staffers looking for their daily dose of 'We report, you decide' coverage on Wednesday flipped to the usual channel, only to be surprised to find dead air," report Roll Call's Emily Heil and Anna Palmer. "Conspiracy theories, unsurprisingly, abounded."

Raw Story has the full report. I mean, look at these people:

Would you trust them within 100 miles of the nuclear button?

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