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Monday, November 12, 2007

Politics: Alaska's Corrupt Politicians Caught In The Act

of selling their souls to the devil and bragging about it.

The Washington Post reports that the FBI ran a successful sting on Bill Allen, CEO of Veco, an oil-field services company, that seems to have netted a plethora of corrupt Alaska lawmakers. These people are so unashamed of their blatant corruption that they actually had baseball caps made up with the logo CBC (for Corrupt Bastards' Club), which they wore in public.

We here at Casa de Los Gatos would like to donate twenty whacks with the Golden Bat o'Clue to each of these miserable motherfuckers. We would hope that any lawmaker who wants to brag about their corruption would be dealt a swift torches-and-pitchforks treatment by their suffering constituents.

Holy Mother of God, these creeps tell us we can't afford health care for children, then turn around and vote for buckets of cash for their contractor friends enriching themselves off the rotting corpse of a country whose only fault is that it lies upon vast reserves of oil. Meanwhile, they slice away at the budget that is supposed to care for the poor soldiers who suffer in the mess they created, coming home with injured bodies, brains, and souls, limbs missing, close to madness. And they and their miserable friends laugh all the way to the bank as they line their pockets with our tax dollars, while all the time screaming about how the Democrats "will raise taxes." Fuck you, you liars and crooks. Fuck you all.

It's OK for you to pocket the existing tax money and rip old people off for health care and rip children off for health care and rip wounded veterans off for health care and let the whole goddamn country rot into a fetid pile of ancient and broken infrastructure, but heaven forfend anyone should raise taxes on the rich.

Here's your bat o'clue.

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