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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Politics - Where Do They Find These People?

Episode 277,000 of Republican Whack-A-Mole continues with Justice Department Voting Section Chief John Tanner's "investigation of the 2004 election in Ohio [which] concluded that long lines and late voting precincts were due to the fact that white voters tend to cast ballots in the morning (i.e., before work) and black voters cast ballots in the afternoon (i.e., after work) ...." (from Raw Story).

I had no idea "investigation" is now defined as "pull something out of your ass and fling it like poo on the voting public." He cites no authority for his statement, no study, no fact-finding mission, no published paper or even previewed paper. Just "local contacts" and "our own considerable experience."

Well, my considerable experience tells me that "Voters in black counties faced far longer lines than those in the more white Ohio suburbs. Investigations showed that Ohio officials had deliberately placed fewer voting machines in some areas and in some instances even kept voting machines out of service. The resulting lines generally resulted in less individuals voting because the lines were so long." TPM has the details. And the cites to back them up.

Given all the shenanigans that occurred around the vote in Ohio, you'd think a more thorough investigation was warranted, but apparently Mr. Tanner (who needs to follow Mr. Gonzales out the door as soon as earthly possible) thinks his job is to steal the vote, disenfranchise as many voters as he can, give cover to those who steal votes and disenfranchise voters, and look like a smarmy used-car-salesman to the best of his ability. Much like the rest of the Gross Old Perverts (GOP).

Argh, these people make me so furious! You can't have a democracy if you don't provide a forum for all voices to be heard, an equal right to vote, and the right to have all votes counted, you son-of-a-turtle!

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