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Friday, October 12, 2007

Science - Print Your Own Organs

It's only a matter of time before scientists can print you a healthy new liver - or maybe just a handful of liver tissue - to boost the functioning of your revolting old worn-out one, I tell you.

Don't believe me? From the professional journal Science, by way of Raw Story comes this exciting news:
Scientists have already used inkjet printers to "print" bacteria, yeast and even human stem cells and they are exploring how to use the office workhorse to create 3D cell structures in a tissue matrix.

If they can figure out how to create more complex tissues, they will be one step closer to creating implantable organs, a scientist said in a paper published in the journal Science Friday.


Calvert and his team have already printed "human stem cells."
Of course, one worries about typos and printing errors. But news like this just makes me want to thumb my nose at neophilic scoffers like Bri (you know who you are!) who don't believe that the coming era will change the nature of manufacturing entirely. Instead of a centralized manufacturing location where workers toil to produce goods, we will have printer-sized (or smaller) machines that can assemble atoms into anything we want/need. Yes? I hear a Yes?

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At 11:34 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Why would I be skeptical? This sounds like real research by actual scientists, and they aren't breaking any laws of physics.

"Only a matter of time" may be a long time though. Medical research moves a lot slower than computers.


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