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Monday, October 22, 2007

Politics - It's Time To Get Rid Of

This godbag.
Marilyn Musgrave (Repulsive-CObag), has just authored a bill to shoehorn the judaeo-christian deity into everything governmental.
Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) has introduced a bill that would place on permanent display the Pledge of Allegiance -- with its mention of "one nation under God" -- and the motto "In God We Trust." The bill also would prohibit the Architect of the Capitol from excluding exhibits and materials that contain "a religious reference or Judeo-Christian content."
That would be the same Marilyn Musgrave who dragged troops in uniform into her political activities meant to benefit herself and the GOP alone, at the expense of the troops, who could be charged for such behaviour. According to the Department of Defense (linked PDF), it is against the law for
Members of the Armed Forces [to] attend partisan political events in uniform, even if only as “honorees.” A sharply limited exception is made to provide Armed Forces color guards for national-level political conventions.
For more on Musgrave:
Musgrave has made regulating the bedroom behavior of her fellow Americans the focus of her entire career. An evangelical Christian who married her Bible-camp sweetheart, Musgrave does not believe in the separation of church and state. She entered politics in 1990, running for her local school board on a crusade to end sex education as part of the curriculum. By the time her tenure was over, the schools taught "abstinence only" -- and offending passages in health textbooks had been blacked out. During her eight years in the Colorado legislature, Musgrave continued her moralizing, overcoming two vetoes by the governor to pass a state ban on gay marriage.
check out this Rolling Stone article.

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At 8:23 AM, Blogger Michael Dunkle said...

Great post...really!

Though the 2008 election is just now beginning to heat up in Musgrave's district (CO CD-04) it's very important that we not let the issues and mishaps of Musgrave from the '06 campaign go by the wayside.

Marilyn Musgrave narrowly won the 2006 election by the lowest percentage of votes of any Congressional member that year. She quickly realized that her previous history of blatant bigotry, hate-mongering, and religion-laced politics would spell her downfall in '08. Since then she has quietly stayed under the radar, silenced her brash rhetoric of discrimination and hate, and has attempted recently to portray herself as a champion of the poor and needy while simultaneously voting against the SCHIP re-authorization and the 2007 Farm Bill which would bring millions of dollars to food banks across the United States.

But it's going to be vital to seeing her defeat in 2008 that everyone remembers and keeps pointing to debacles such as you've posted here. Musgrave very much wants us to forget the Rolling Stone article you mention, as well as all the other bad press that stygmatized her campaign in '06.

Keep up the great work!

Michael Dunkle
The Musgrave Watch


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