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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Iraq - Criminal Probe For U.S. Embassy

Was there anyone on the planet (except, of course, for the 24% of the population who still support Chimpy McTardibus) who didn't know that the "largest U.S. embassy in the world" was nothing but a boondoggle?

Originally priced at $592 million, the project is running late, over cost, and, apparently, criminally shoddy - so says McClatchy, who still employ some real journalists instead of flip-haired idiots like Tim Russert, Katie Couric, and Chris Matthews who are too busy kissing preznitwitial ass to actually ask any questions about, oh, I dunno, where the hell our multi-trillion dollar surplus of the Clinton years has gone?

Sez McClatchy:
The embassy — actually a 104-acre, Vatican-size compound of 21 buildings meant to house and sleep about 1,000 U.S. officials was originally meant to open in June, then in September. Now, due to problems with the sprinkler system, the latest in a series of deficiencies blamed on First Kuwaiti, it remains unclear whether it will be ready for occupancy this year. Golden didn't return phone calls seeking comment.
For a list of all the other problems, click on the previous link.

And look who might be implicated in that "shoddy quality" assertion:
The embassy has been plagued by other deficiencies. The electrical system in the dining facility of a nearby guard camp malfunctioned when it was tested in May. OBO, in a report last month, defended its contractor, First Kuwaiti, and blamed Houston-based KBR, Inc., which was hired to operate the facility.
Well, if ain't the spinoff of Darth Cheney's former company, Halliburton.

And isn't First Kuwaiti under investigation for using slave labour to build the U.S. Embassy? And isn't KBR the same company that served contaminated water to U.S. troops in Iraq? Oh, look, and contaminated food, too!

These people are utterly and completely without shame. They're profiteers, making bucks off a country we invaded illegally and off our own soldiers, too. Hang 'em high.

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