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Monday, October 22, 2007

Iraq - Al Qaeda Vanquished

Image courtesy of The FreespeechZone

ABC reports that General Idiotus, who claimed not too long ago that al-Qaeda in Iraq was squooshed, smooshed, geflattenverschlammed, dead, defunct, and a few other choice adjectives I can't think of right now - is, apparently, recovered enough to threaten the troops again:
Citing evidence that insurgents and al Qaeda terrorists are using Iraqi government vehicles and ambulances to carry out missions, Gen. David Petraeus has ordered a new system of checkpoints for almost all Iraqi official convoys and motorcades.
So, wait a minute, we're spending money training the Iraqi army and Iraqi police force and supplying them with arms, ammunition, and transport, while denying our own troops adequate body armour - and they're using this against us?

Somebody remind me again why we're flushing money down the toilet there when we can't afford to give our own children healthcare? Oh, yeah, and Chimpy McTardibus just asked for MORE money for his pet war? While Snarly McCrashcart is making warmongering noises at Iran?

Time to impeach them both.

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