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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Politics - Impeach

Impeach the thieves and thugs who are finding $190 billion dollars to fund the war in Iraq (for how long?) but refuse to spend $7 billion to give children health care!

This makes me furious. We will beggar the working masses so we can kill people, but we won't spend a cent to cure the sick! How can this be? When we, the people, can't give our own most vulnerable population - our children - the right to medical treatment when needed, how dare our politicians raid our wallets to make bullets and bombs to kill our children as well as the children of other people whose country we invaded with no plan, no mission, no purpose, just an overweening greed for their oil. How dare they!

And when I calm down enough to write without rewriting every third word, I realize the incredible penny-wise pound-foolishness at the bottom of this stupid allocation of resources. All it takes is for one uninsured child, whose parent or relative works in the service industry, to get some highly contagious and deadly disease. Like Spanish flu. Or avian flu. Or SARS. If that kid is in school or daycare, as well, it could start an epidemic that could infect a significant proportion of the population in a very short time. And we would have no one to blame but ourselves - well, our elected idiots of the Republican flavour, mostly - for the resulting mess.

And on that note, I give you this lovely site, that I just discovered: Impeach for Peace. That's their logo up above - my favourite fruit, the peach.

These fine folks are reporting that Yale alumni have formed an organization to push for impeaching Bush and Cheney. Wait a minnit, isn't Preznitwit Stupie McDumbass a Yalie? Wonder if he's attending any Yale functions any time soon?

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