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Friday, September 28, 2007

Nailah Franklin

To find all posts about Nailah Franklin, type "Nailah Franklin" in the box at the top left corner of this page and hit RETURN. To find all posts about Reginald Potts, type "Reginald Potts" and do not include his middle initial or honorifics. Thanks.

Nailah Franklin's family has updated the Web site that they set up for her with a press release (PDF format) that requests that those of us who cared about Nailah keep her family in our thoughts as they prepare to bring closure to this tragic event.

They express their gratitude to the authorities and the community for keeping Nailah in their thoughts and prayers.

I long to know what happened. I will keep searching and posting as I find out. I thank all of you who came to this site to search for information about this lovely young woman. Thank you for caring.

Latest update here.

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