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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Iraq - Why Are Help Wanted Ads Being Posted?

Veddy interesting. Here's General Betrayus telling us that everything's just hunky-dory in Iraq, and there's his own commanders in Iraq putting up "help wanted" ads for warehouse workers because all active-duty soldiers who were previously performing such tasks are needed to protect U.S. forces and perform other related combat duties.

The Washington Post tells us:
"With the increased insurgent activity, unit supply personnel must continue to pull force protection along with convoy escort and patrol duties," according to a statement of work that accompanied the Sept. 7 request for bidders from Multi-National Force-Iraq.
So which is it, Mr. P? Is insurgent activity all quiet and nonexistent? Or has it increased to the point where you need to reassign any warm body to patrol duties and convoy escort (which, in case you didn't know it, is Army code for "cannon fodder")?

The article goes on to say a few ominous things:
In addition, the statement notes that "tanks, aircraft, wheeled vehicles and other equipment" are getting increased use and require more repair parts than are typically available in the warehouses. The increased contract personnel will allow the parts to get back to a central depot and returned to troops more quickly. The proposal, which is for six months and has a six-month extension option, calls for some personnel to be familiar and experienced with "hazardous/radioactive material handling." At the same time, it states, "Contractor personnel are not required to have a security clearance to perform duties in the SSA." A comment on the Web site version of the proposal adds, "Ensure this is correct."
Why are the vehicles of war seeing "increased use"? I thought everything was going just fine. If al-Anbar province is a model of calm and reduced risk, why are we hearing every single day that three or four more U.S. military personnel have cacked, died, been killed, bought the farm? What the HELL is going on? And contractors don't need security clearance to work on military bases? Isn't that like putting up an "al-Qaeda personnel invited to apply" sign on the premises? More worrisome:
Military dining facilities and bottled water will be free for contractors. They will also have access to the PX and any local recreation facilities on the bases.

Military medical facilities, however, are available only when "life, limb, or eyesight is jeopardized and for emergency medical and dental care" such as "broken bones, refills of life-dependent drugs such as insulin or broken teeth." Military medical facilities will not be authorized for "routine medical and dental care."
What exactly does this mean? What new horror are Chimpy McDrunktard and his pet Pokemon about to unleash on us, and on an unsuspecting nation?

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